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SecureXL and Sticky Decision Function in ClusterXL Load Sharing mode Technical Level
  • When SecureXL license is installed on the Security Gateways (on cluster members), policy installation fails with:
    Error message: Installation failed. Reason: Invalid arguments passed to Policy installation function. (message from member <Member_Name> )
    Warning: Since acceleration is not supported with Sticky Decision Function, acceleration will be disabled. To enable acceleration, please uncheck sticky decision function from Gateway Cluster Properties->ClusterXL->Advanced [ SecureXL warning no. 96 ].
    Warning: Since the acceleration device on this gateway does not support Cluster configuration, acceleration will be disabled. Please refer to the acceleration device documentation for more details [ SecureXL warning no. 72 ]. ( message from member firewall1 ^)

Starting from R80.20, Sticky Decision Function  (SDF) was completely removed. Connection stickiness is achieved via other methods that don’t require disabling SecureXL.

For versions R80.20 and higher refer to:  sk169154 -
Asymmetric connections in ClusterXL R80.20 and higher

In pre-R80.20
, SecureXL and Sticky Decision Function in ClusterXL Load Sharing mode are not supported together.

The following two options are available:

  • Either disable SecureXL on each cluster member,
  • Or disable Sticky Decision Function in ClusterXL object in SmartDashboard and install policy.

Note: When disabling or re-enabling Sticky Decision Function (SDF) you must install policy twice otherwise you SecureXL status will display "Waiting for Policy"

This limitation is described in every ClusterXL Administration Guide (R77.X, R80.10) - Chapter 'Sticky Connections'.

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