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SecureXL and Sticky Decision Function in ClusterXL Load Sharing mode
  • Error Message(s):

    Installation failed. Reason: Invalid arguments passed to Policy installation function. ( message from member <Member_Name> )
    Warning: Since acceleration is not supported with Sticky Decision Function, acceleration will be disabled. To enable acceleration, please uncheck sticky decision function from Gateway Cluster Properties->ClusterXL->Advanced [ SecureXL warning no. 96 ].
  • Warning: Since the acceleration device on this gateway does not support Cluster configuration, acceleration will be disabled. Please refer to the acceleration device documentation for more details [ SecureXL warning no. 72 ]. ( message from member firewall1 ^)
  • SecureXL license is installed on the Security Gateways (on cluster members)

SecureXL and Sticky Decision Function in ClusterXL Load Sharing mode are not supported together.


The following two options are available:

  • Either disable SecureXL on each cluster member,
  • Or disable Sticky Decision Function in ClusterXL object in SmartDashboard and install policy.

NOTE: When disabling or re-enabling Sticky Decision Function (SDF) you must install policy twice otherwise you SecureXL status will display "Waiting for Policy"

This limitation is described in every ClusterXL Administration Guide (R55, R60, R61, R62, R65, R70, R70.1, R71, R75, R75.20, R75.40, R75.40VS, R76, R77.X, R80.10) - Chapter 'Sticky Connections'.

This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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