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Cluster member is stuck in 'Ready' state Technical Level
  • Output of "cphaprob state" command on a cluster member shows the state "Ready".

There are several possible reasons :

  1. There are cluster members with a lower software version on this subnet / VLAN
    [member with higher software version will go into state 'Ready'].

  2. The number of CoreXL FireWall instances on cluster members is different
    [member with greater number of CoreXL FW instances will go into state 'Ready'].

    Note: This applies only to R80.10 and lower versions.

  3. The ID numbers of CoreXL FireWall instances and handling CPU core numbers on cluster members are different.

  4. On Gaia OS - Linux kernels on cluster members are different (32-bit vs 64-bit)
    [member with higher kernel edition will go into state 'Ready'].

  5. On Gaia OS - Cluster member runs in VSX mode, while other members run in Gateway mode
    [member in VSX mode will go into state 'Ready'].

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