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New Security Management Enhancements for R70.1 Technical Level
New Security Management enhancements based on customers feedback have been added to R70.1:

  1. Quick Add Object

    The Quick Add Object feature allows you to easily insert existing objects into the Security Rule Base.
    To add an existing object to the Rule Base:
    • left click the '+' button inside a Rule Base cell, and select an object from the displayed list.
      The object is automatically inserted into the rule.

    This mode of work is supported for network objects, services, and time objects, used in any policy type (Firewall, QoS, NAT, Desktop, etc.). Pre-defined filters and a comprehensive search control complete this feature.

  2. Where Used - Go To

    The Where Used - Go To feature adds new functionality to the "Where Used" window.
    When you right-click an object and select Where Used, the object's References window opens, displaying the places where the object is used. Selecting a reference and clicking Go To opens the location where the object is used, or highlights a rule containing the object.

  3. Extended Clone Functionality

    The "Clone" functionality is extended to include services, IP ranges, group objects, etc. Also, the "Add Clone option" is now available from within the objects tree, objects list, and the Rule Base.

  4. Easily View Group Members

    When hovering over a Group in the Rule Base, you can easily see the members of the Group in a tooltip that automatically appears..

  5. Read Only State for Object Properties

    A ?Read-only' state has replaced the 'Grayed Out' state for numerous key fields of the object properties in Read-Only mode, allowing copying of the important fields like IP address, object's name, and others.

  6. Delete Multiple Database Versions

    While in the Database Revision Control window, it is s possible to select multiple Database Versions and delete them at once. Additionally, the window now supports resizing.

  7. SmartConsole Applications Open on Appropriate Server

    R70 and later:

    If you open a SmartConsole Application from within another one, the new console will open on the appropriate server.

    SmartView Tracker -> Log Server
    Eventia Reporter -> Reporter Server
    Eventia Analyzer -> Eventia Server
    All other SmartConsole Applications -> Security Management Server

    Note: if you have more than one of a given server (for example, if you have two Log Servers), a window opens with the names and IP addresses of the relevant servers. From this window you can select the server on which to open the SmartConsole Application.
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