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FDE preboot Smartcard/Token issues on Lenovo X200 Technical Level
  • Normally, in order to enable Smartcard/Token support in FDE pre-boot, the following steps need to be performed:

    1. Disable USB legacy support in BIOS.

    2. Enable FDE USB support.

    On Lenovo X200 (with USB disabled in BIOS and FDE USB support enabled) authentication with Aladdin Smartcard/Token works. However, Windows will not load.

    Hardware where this has been seen:

    • Lenovo X200 Bios version 1.10 (6DET33WW) 2008-10-27 and latest release

    • Aladdin E-token 32k


    • PKI 4.00(Aladdin middleware)

    • FDE for Windows 7.0 HFA1
Handover of USB control from FDE to BIOS does not work properly, and for this reason Windows fails to load.
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