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How to enable/disable Check Point SecureXL via CLI Technical Level

To enable SecureXL, run the command:

[Expert@HostName]# fwaccel on

To disable SecureXL, run the command: 

[Expert@HostName]# fwaccel off

Important: The fwaccel [on | off] command is not persistent and SecureXL will be enabled again after a reboot of the system. In R80.10 and below, SecureXL can be permanently disabled through the CPconfig utility.

To check the number of accelerated connection and other SecureXL statistics:

[Expert@HostName]# fwaccel stats

To check overall SecureXL status:

[Expert@HostName]# fwaccel stat

For more details on configuring and debugging, just type "fwaccel" on the device console.This will return additional debugging and configuration options. See example below:

Usage: fwaccel on | off | ver | stat | cfg <...> | conns | dbg <...> | help
on-turns acceleration on
off-turns acceleration off
ver-show acceleration/FW version
stat-show acceleration status
cfg-configure acceleration parameters
stats-print the acceleration statistics
conns-print the accelerator's connection table
templates-print the accelerator's templates table
dbg-set debug flags
help-this help messages
diag-policy diagnostics

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