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Licensing problem when adding a new local license or installing database Technical Level
  • This article provides solution for different scenarios with licensing problems. Please see the below symptoms and follow the solution.

  • "Failed to retrieve the old license!" error when adding a GUI client in the Check Point Configuration tool.

  • "Warning: license has expired - cplic_add_shared_license_imp: chunk with signature (signature) has invalid IP address/host-id" appears when installing Database.

  • Evaluation license does not work after placing Evaluation License on the top of a full license.
  • The fallowing warning is generated during policy verification and installation process: cplic_add_shared_licencse_imp chunk with singature xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx has invalid IP address/host-id

The licenses on the server have either been moved or their contract has expired. This may not be the active license but simply a previous license that has expired.


To resolve the problem, manually delete a local license by using the cpconfig command.

As an alternate method, perform:

  1. Print the signature of the license:
    [Expert@HostName:0]# cplic print -x

    The output should be similar to:
    [Expert@HostName:0]# cplic print -x
    Host           Expiration  Signature                      Features          6May2019    dmyhyzPvQ8yxwxkkt9673FLjzox  cpsg-c-8-u cpsb-fw ... CK-63B05A575EED   6May2019    adDrvoR4ZLRX2d3bk5TRwUy5ASd  cpsm-c-u cpsb-npm ... CK-63B05A575EED
  2. Delete a specific license. Run:
    [Expert@HostName:0]# cplic del <signature_string>

  3. If needed, add the licenses back using instructions from sk62711 - How to Add License via SmartUpdate

    To obtain a new license, contact Check Point Account Services:

    • by using Live Chat
    • by completing an Online Form
    • by phone: Americas: +1-972-444-6600 option 5, or International: +972-3-611-5100 option 5

  4. Verify the outcome. Run: [Expert@HostName:0]# cplic print

  5. After adding a new license, run:  [Expert@HostName:0]# cpstop;cpstart

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