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Management High Availability restrictions Technical Level

General restrictions for Primary and Secondary Security Management servers:

  • The SmartEvent Software Blade can only be enabled on the active server in Management High Availability environment

  • Must have identical Check Point versions and identical hotfixes installed.

    To see the build number, run cpinfo -y FW1

  • Must have identical products installed (i.e, Management HA is not supported between a Standalone machine and machine that runs only Security Management server)


  • It is supported to use different hardware modules. For example, Smart-1 3150 for one Management server and Smart-1 5150 for another.
  • Management HA between a Virtual Machine in VMWare and a real physical machine was tested and supported.
  • All management servers in Management HA must have a license for Management HA.
  • On all management servers in Management HA, we recommend a license that allows the same Software Blades, the same number of managed Security Gateways and the same number of Domain Management Servers.


Additional restrictions for ClusterXL Full High Availability configuration:

  • Supported only between appliances with the identical Operating Systems (cluster requirement).

  • It is not supported to enable the SmartEvent blade on any node in a Full HA cluster environment.


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