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Management High Availability restrictions Technical Level

General restrictions for Primary and Secondary Security Management servers:

  • The SmartEvent Software Blade can only be enabled on the active server in Management High Availability environment

  • Must have identical Check Point versions and identical hotfixes installed.

    To see the build number, run cpinfo -y FW1

  • Must have identical products installed (i.e, Management HA is not supported between a Standalone machine and machine that runs only Security Management server)


  • It is supported to use different hardware models. For example, Smart-1 3150 for one Management server and Smart-1 5150 for another. Make sure that the appliances can handle the log rate in your environment (see the appliance datasheet).
  • Management High Availability between a Virtual Machine in VMWare and a real physical machine was tested and supported.
  • All management servers in Management High Availability must have a license for management High Availability. We recommend that all management servers in management High Availability have license that allow the same Software Blades, the same number of managed Security Gateways and the same number of Domain Management Servers.


Additional restrictions for ClusterXL Full High Availability configuration:

  • Supported only between appliances with the identical Operating Systems (cluster requirement).

  • It is not supported to enable the SmartEvent blade on any node in a Full HA cluster environment.


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