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How to reset the pre-configured definitions for SmartReporter / Eventia Reporter? Technical Level

It may be necessary at times to reset the pre-configured definitions in Eventia Reporter back to the original state if they become corrupted.


There are a set of pristine pre-configured definitions templates. These files are located on Eventia Reporter under $FWDIR/conf/reporting/. For different versions these files will be under different directories. For instance…

For NGX R60 the files are located under… $FWDIR/conf/reporting/R60

For NGX R65 and later the files are located under… $FWDIR/conf/reporting/obj


To restore the definitions follow the steps below…

1. Perform a complete system backup. Specifically the $FWDIR/conf directory. It is strongly recommended to perform a configuration export in addition to a full system backup.

2. Stop all Check Point services:

# cpstop

3. Copy all of the pristine definition templates from $FWDIR/conf over writing any currently existing files:

# cp $FWDIR/conf/reporting/obj/* $FWDIR/conf

4. Start the Check Point services:

# cpstart

If the above operation was successful, them SmartReporter / Eventia Reporter should show the default pre-configured definitions under both the Standard and Express sections.

This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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