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Debugging Full Synchronization in ClusterXL Technical Level
  • Output of the "cphaprob state" command shows that one of the cluster members is in "Down" state.

  • Output of the "cphaprob list" command on the problematic member shows:
    Device Name: Synchronization
    Current state: problem

    However - and this is very important distinction, at the same time it shows:
    Device Name: Filter
    Current state: ok

  • Output of "fw ctl pstat" command on both members shows in the "Sync:" section that there is a huge discrepancy
    (or even zero values) in the "Sync packets sent:" subsection - in the "total:" counter values.

        Version: new
        Status: Able to Send/Receive sync packets
        Sync packets sent:
         total : <VALUE>, ...
  • $FWDIR/log/fwd.elg file on cluster member might repeatedly show:
    fwsyncn_connected: connection to IP_address_of_peer_member failed. error=-N
    (example: fwsyncn_connected: connection to failed. error=-5).


Most probably, the Synchronization (sync) mechanism was not fully initialized (after 'cpstop;cpstart' command or after reboot)

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