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The Mode of Cluster Control Protocol (CCP) in VSX cluster Technical Level


In VSX cluster:

  • VSX NGX / VSX NGX R65 / VSX NGX R67 / VSX NGX R68:
    • The only possible mode of CCP is Broadcast.

  • R75.40VS / R76 and above:
    • CCP mode over Sync Network is Broadcast for all Virtual Systems (the only possible mode).
    • CCP default mode over non-Sync Networks is Multicast.

  • In VSLS configuration, when instances of Virtual Systems are not running on all cluster members (e.g., only 2 VSs were configured on a VSX cluster that has 4 cluster members), the Delta Sync packets generated by a Virtual System, are sent in Unicast only to those members that run the instance of the same Virtual System.

  • On 40000 / 60000 appliance (starting in R75.40VS for 61000), the 'asg_sync_manager' - option '8) Enable / Disable unicast sync' - enables the user to define its required synchronization level - the user can enable / disable Unicast sync (correction layer will be enabled / disabled accordingly) and return to legacy synchronization scheme (synchronize connections to all SGMs).

Note: The CCP mode is not set on Virtual Switches because they do not send CCP packets.



To change the CCP mode over non-Sync Networks on VSX R75.40VS / R76 and above, run the following command on each cluster member (see sk20576):

[Expert@HostName:0]# cphaconf set_ccp <broadcast | multicast>


  • This command applies immediately and survives reboot.
  • CCP mode over Sync Network is always transmitted in Broadcast mode.


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