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Active member does not send Sync packets to Standby member in ClusterXL High Availability mode Technical Level
  • The Active member does not send sync packets to the Standby member in ClusterXL HA New mode.

  • Kernel debug on the Active cluster member (fw ctl debug -m fw + sync) shows messages similar to these :
    • FW-1: fwlddist_adjust_buf: record too big for sync. update fwlddist_set for table 8158 failed. fwlddist_state=1b
    • FW-1: fwlddist_adjust_buf: currently full=3ffe, requesting 25 more. max=4000. request failed.
    • fwlddist_set: Failed to adjust buffer with nword 37

The Delta Sync packets queue is full, or a Delta Sync update is bigger than allowed.

  • In case currently full=0, there is an update is too big to sync please contact support for further assistants.

  • In case currently full>0 please increase the packet queue size as described below

Note: currently full value is in the Kernel debug mentioned above.

Procedure for increasing the buffer size:

  1. Getting the current value:

  2. [Expert@HostName]# fw ctl get int fwlddist_buf_size.

  3. The new size should be double the current size of fwlddist_buf_size.

  4. On all cluster members (Active and Standby) set the value of kernel parameter 'fwlddist_buf_size to new size.

  5. It is not possible to change the value of this kernel parameter on-the-fly. Therefore, follow the instructions in sk26202 to set this value permanently.

  6. In order to see the current value, run this command:

  7. [Expert@HostName]# fw ctl get int fwlddist_buf_size

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