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Abnormal behavior of cluster members during failover when 'Monitor all VLAN' feature is enabled
  • Abnormal behavior of cluster members when failover occurs.

  • Running the 'cphaprob state' command on the cluster members after initiating a failover generates an irregular output;
    Status of the primary cluster member shows 'Active Attention', whereas status of the secondary cluster member shows 'Standby'.

  • Running the 'cphaprob -a if' command on the cluster member generates an abnormal output;
    This output includes all the interfaces under 'Required Interfaces' instead of just displaying the interface that is configured with the lower VLAN tag.

  • Running the 'cphastop ; cphastart' commands on the cluster members temporarily resolves the problem.


The 'Monitor all VLAN' feature is used.

The 'monitor all vlan' feature is not supported in VPN-1 Power/UTM, but only in VPN-1 Power VSX and therefore should not be used.

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