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Reserved words combined with "." mark - "This token is reserved word" is not displayed in SmartDashboard Technical Level
  • Reserved characters and words are not recognized by the GUI and the 'Token is reserved word' error message is not displayed to the administrator when '.' is used as a delimiter.
  • Can lead to Security Policy compilation failure with the following error message:

    "'$FWDIR/conf/' line XXXXX: ERROR: syntax error."

Error message "Token is reserved word" should be displayed each time that any of the list of forbidden characters and reserved words is used in order to define an object.

A full list of such characters and words can be found in 36.0.89127.2471605: Characters and reserved words forbidden for use in FireWall-1 objects definition.

However, when "." is used as a delimiter, the forbidden characters and reserved words are not recognized correctly and the error message "Token is reserved word" is not displayed.

For example: Object name 'My_object.src.local' is forbidden to be used, since 'src' is a forbidden word. Yet, the "Token is reserved word" message will not be displayed in this case as '.' was used as a delimiter in the object name.

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