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Configuring Proxy and Authenticated Proxy per Web Application Technical Level

Connectra supports configuration of Proxy per Web Application. The Administrator can configure Web Applications that are located behind a proxy server. Thus, Connectra allows additional enforcement for user access to Web resources. In addition, an Authenticated Proxy can be configured per Web Application.


  • Configuration may only be performed via the GuiDBedit tool.
  • Authenticated Proxy can only be configured per Web Application, not globally.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Close any opened SmartDashboard application.
  2. Open the GuiDBedit application.
  3. From the "Other" table, select the network_applications tab.
  4. Select the specific connectra_web_application object.
  5. Scroll through the object fields and find the proxy_server field.
  6. Update the proxy_server as desired, setting the relevant parameters, as described in the table below.
  7. Save all changes and close the GuiDBedit application.
  8. Open the SmartDashboard application and install policy on the relevant Connectra gateways.

The following table describes the parameters to be set, when configuring an Authenticated http Proxy per Web Application.

Property Description


Use this property to set the proxy settings on the Connectra gateway for this specific Web Application.

Note: When the value of this property is "true", the properties listed below will not be used.

use_http_proxy, use_https_proxy

Use this property to set an http or https proxy. When this property is set to "false", this Web Application will not use http/s proxy, even if it is configured on the Connectra gateway.

http_proxy_host, https_proxy_host

Use this property to specify the proxy host to be used.

For Table, select network_objects. For Object, select the previously created proxy host (in SmartDashboard). Note: if the list is empty - type in the object name manually as it appears in the SmartDashboard).

http_proxy_service, https_proxy_service

Use this property to specify the proxy port to be used.

use_credentials_for_http_proxy, use_credentials_for_https_proxy

Read carefully:

Use this property to set obfuscated credentials on the http/s proxy.

  • The username is added to the username field.
  • To set the password, proceed as follows:
    1. On the Connectra module run: $CVPNDIR/bin/obfuscate_password <your password>
    2. Enter the obfuscated value received in the password field in GuiDBedit.


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