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How to change or modify implied rules to explicit rules

Solution ID: sk33340
Product: Security Management, Security Gateway
Version: NGX R65, R70, R71, R75, R75.40, R75.40VS, R75.45
Platform / Model: All
Date Created: 29-Jul-2007
Last Modified: 10-Feb-2013
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Perform the following steps on SmartDashboard:

  1. Go to 'Policy' menu - Global Properties - go to 'FireWall' tab.

  2. Check the relevant boxes (the implies rules) you wish to enforce - click 'OK'.

  3. Go to 'View' menu - click on 'Implied Rules'.

  4. Manually add the relevant rules explicitly to the Rule Base.

  5. Go to 'Policy' menu - Global Properties - go to 'FireWall' tab.

  6. Clear all relevant boxes that were selected in Step 2. This will disable all implied rules. Click 'OK'.

  7. Save the changes: 'File' menu - Save.

  8. Install Security Policy.



Related solution: sk92281 (Creating customized implied rules for Check Point Security Gateway - 'implied_rules.def' file)

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