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Regarding ClusterXL and OSPF Technical Level
  • OSPF trace file will show the OSPF state moving from Exch Start to Exchange, then instead of progressing, move back to Exch Start.

    Example of the trace file where 1 OSPF neighbor is and the Cluster is

    Jun 28 17:18:25.765427+0.000156 OSPF STATE: NGB change from < Init > to < 2 Ways >
    Jun 28 17:18:25.765427+0.000493 OSPF STATE: NGB change from < Exch Start > to < Exchange >

  • OSPF may perform adjacency with Physical IP Address of a cluster member instead of the cluster Virtual IP address.

By default, connections originating from ClusterXL members are NATed behind the Cluster Virtual IP address.

The use of a manual "no-NAT" above the automatic NAT rules negates this operation.

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