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What is a Service Contract File? Technical Level
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  • Service Contract File - what is it?

    A Service Contract File is an encrypted text file that contains a list of all your service contracts (for selected User Center accounts).

    In most cases, you do not need to worry about your Service Contract File. Your Security Management Server is configured to automatically communicate with the User Center, and download the most current file online, thus allowing the Security Management Server to properly enable the purchased services.

    For example, if you have recently purchased (or renewed) your Software Subscription Service Contract, the Security Management Server will download the most recent information from the User Center and will smoothly enable the upgrade of Security Gateway, Security Management Server and Provider-1/Multi-Domain Management Server packages.

    The below video demonstrates how to update your Service Contract file within SmartUpdate.

  • When do I need to download a Service Contract File?
    In some cases it is required to download the file and manually install it on your Security Management:

    • In case your Security Management Server is installed on a machine with no Internet connection (offline mode), a connection with the online User Center cannot be established, although the contract information is still required for proper service enablement.

      What to do?
      Manually download the file from User Center and install it on your Security Management Server.

    • In case you need to generate a Service Contract File only for some of the User Center accounts associated with your User Center (for example, if you are managing several User Center accounts, which belong to different customers).

      What to do?
      Manually download the file from User Center (while specifying the relevant User Center accounts) and install it on your Security Management Server.

    • In case your username is associated with many User Center accounts and you wish to have the file sent to you via email (rather than wait a few minutes for the process to gather all your information).

      What to do?
      Manually download the file from User Center (while using the "Email File" option) and install it on your Security Management Server.

    Once installed on your Security Management Server, the Service Contract File allows enforcement and enabling of your purchased services.

  • How do I download and install a Service Contract File?
    Following are the instructions on how to download the contract file:

    1. Login to Check Point User Center.

    2. Go to 'Assets/Info' -> 'Download Contract File'.

    3. In 'Service Contract File Download', select one of the download options and click on "Email File", or on "Download Now".

    4. Importing the Service Contract File:

      • Using SmartUpdate: If you already use an NGX R65 (or higher) Security Management / Provider-1 / Multi-Domain Management Server, SmartUpdate allows you to import the service contract file that you have downloaded in Step #3.

        Open SmartUpdate and from the Launch Menu select 'Licenses & Contracts' -> 'Update Contracts' -> 'From File...' and provide the path to the file you have downloaded in Step #3:

        Note: If SmartUpdate is connected to the Internet, you can download the service contract file directly from the UserCenter without going through the download and import steps.

        Notes for Provider-1/Multi-Domain Management Server users:

        • You can import a Service Contract File from both the CMA's SmartUpdate and the MDS's SmartUpdate.
          In both cases the file is stored at the MDS level.

        • When opening SmartUpdate for a specific CMA, SmartUpdate shows only the content relevant to this CMA.

    5. For Security Gateway:

      1. Transfer the Service Contract File you have downloaded to Security Gateway.

      2. Go to Expert Mode, and run:

        [Expert@HostName]# cplic contract put /path_to/ServiceContractFile.xml

      3. Open SmartUpdate -> go to 'Licenses & Contracts' tab -> select the Security Gateway object -> right-click -> click on 'Get Licenses'.
  • What happens if I do not have the most updated file installed?

    Having an updated Service Contract File installed enables you to easily remain compliant with current Check Point licensing standards.

    Lack of an appropriate contract file will result in a warning message, rather than failure of the upgrade process.

    Other SmartDefense/IPS services may not be able to download additional updates.

  • More info about Check Point Services
    Check Point offers 2 types of services:

    1. Support Services: World-class support for all your Check Point products with one comprehensive service contract. These contracts include:

      • Software Subscription: Ensures uninterrupted security and protection for all Check Point products, with access to critical hotfixes, service packs, and major upgrades.

      • Support: Ensures comprehensive, unlimited support from our experienced and certified security experts.

    2. IPS/SmartDefense Services: Provide ongoing and real-time updates and configuration advisories for defenses and security policies. Unlike standard product licenses, service contracts are recurring (meaning they should be renewed after a certain period passes). They are also very flexible, meaning a contract can apply for an entire User Center account OR for a set of selected enforcement modules, according to your business needs and requirements.

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