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upgrade_export command support on CMA Technical Level

The upgrade_export on a Multi-Domain Security Management / Provider-1 CMA is not supported.

Note: starting from R75, the migrate export utility should be used for exporting CMA or Security Management server database.

The cma_migrate command imports an existing Security Management Server or Domain Management Server into a Multi-Domain Server so that it will become one of its Domain Management Servers. If the imported Security Management or Domain Management Server is of a version earlier than the Multi-Domain Server to which it is being imported, then the Upgrade process is performed as part of the import. 

Usage: cma_migrate <source management directory path> <target Domain Management Server FWDIR directory>


  • source database directory path - The root of the original source database directory; the FWDIR directory, or a copy of it.
  • target Domain Management Server FWDIR directory - The directory of the Domain Management Server that you are migrating to. 
    The target Domain Management Server cannot ever have been started before running cma_migrate. There is no need to stop the Multi-Domain Server before running cma_migrate

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