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ClusterXL IGMP Membership Technical Level
  • ClusterXL does not work with some switches that have the IGMP Snooping feature enabled.

CCP packets are sent to Multicast MAC address 01:00:5E:X:Y:Z (by default, CCP runs in multicast mode).

If IGMP Snooping is enabled on a switch, it expects the source hosts of these multicast CCP packets to subscribe (join) to an IGMP Group.

If IGMP Membership is disabled on ClusterXL members (i.e. fwha_enable_igmp_snooping=0), the cluster members do not subscribe to an IGMP Group. As a result, the switch does not forward these multicast CCP packets because there are no subscribers for such multicast packets (this is done to avoid unsolicited traffic on the network).

Note: IGMP Membership is enabled by default starting in R75.40 (i.e., fwha_enable_igmp_snooping=1).

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