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Converting P7B certificate to PEM format Technical Level

The Connectra Administration GUI permits installing a server Certificate (under 'Settings > Server Certificate'). The server Certificate requires two files in PEM format (the key and cert files).

P7B is the format that Microsoft CA software uses to provide a certificate with the chain of CA certificate(s) that have signed it. If the server Certificate is in P7B format, Connectra will not accept the Certificate. After converting the file to PEM format you will be able to install the certificate chain in Connectra.

Check Point created the p7bToPem script to convert the Certificate from P7B to PEM. This solution explains how to convert P7B files (also known as SPC, or PKCS#7 files) to PEM format.

Note: This solution only discusses the cert file. The key file is assumed to already be in PEM format.

To run the p7bToPem script, login to your Connectra machine and from Expert Mode, type the command: p7bToPem <your_p7b_file> <name for output PEM file>.
For example: p7bToPem myserver.p7b myserver.crt.

The p7bToPem script is a csh script for converting P7B files into PEM format. The result is one file in PEM format. This file can be used for installing a server Certificate in Connectra (with its matching key file).

Note: For instructions on how to use the certificate chain in previous releases of Connectra, refer to sk31425.

This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated
Applies To:
  • Multiple Certificates
  • X.509

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