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Core files location in SecurePlatform Technical Level
  • In SecurePlatform, cannot find a core file even though there should be one.
In SecurePlatform, even if your core-dump-size is defined to be "unlimited" you still don't find core files, because they are not located in the regular place.

The location (and name pattern) of core files can be shown by typing:
# cat /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern

In SecurePlatform the output is:

(%e.%p - means to use the process Name and PID in the name of the core dump file)

If you look in /var/log/dump/usermode/, you will find all your lost core files.

In other Linux systems, the content of "core_pattern" file is usually just "core".

To search for the core dump files, you may use one of the following commands:

  • [Expert@HostName]# find / -iname '*core*'

  • [Expert@HostName]# find / -name *core*



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