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Configuring SmartPortal / Management Portal to work in a Multi-Domain Security Management / Provider-1 environment Technical Level

By default, SmartPortal / Management Portal can not be used if installed on a Provider-1 / Multi-Domain Security Management MDS machine. 

In order to configure SmartPortal / Management Portal to work in a Provider-1 / Multi-Domain Security Management environment, follow this procedure:

  1. Install SmartPortal / Management Portal (just the SmartPortal / Management Portal !) on a "clean" machine. (In the management object's General Properties tab, select Management Portal checkbox.)

  2. Use the SecurePlatform / Gaia Portal in order to set the interfaces and define the SIC password - do NOT use the 'cpconfig' command !!!.

  3. Connect to Provider-1 / Multi-Domain Security Management MDS machine with Provider-1 MDG / SmartDomain Manager.

  4. Go to 'Global Policies' - expand the relevant Global Policy - expand the relevant Customer / Domain - right-click on the relevant CMA / Domain Management Server - click on 'Launch SmartDashboard'.

  5. Go to 'Manage' menu - click on 'Network Objects' - click on 'New...' button - select 'Check Point' - select 'Host...'. This object will represent the SmartPortal / Management Portal machine.

  6. Configure the object's properties. Make sure to check only the box for 'SmartPortal' / 'Management Portal' in the products section.

  7. Establish SIC with the SmartPortal / Management Portal machine.

  8. Configure the following global explicit rule:

    SmartPortal / Management Portal object SmartPortal / Management Portal object Any Accept

  9. Save the changes: go to 'File' menu - click on 'Save'.

  10. Close the SmartDashboard.

  11. Go to 'Global Policies' - right-click on the relevant Global Policy - click on 'Reassign/Install Global Policy ...' - select the relevant CMA(s) / Domain(s).

  12. Connect to SmartPortal / Management Portal at https://Portal_IP_Address:4433 - you should now be able to access the desired MDS / CMA / Domain.

Note: If you have one MDS and one MLM server, and you have a Management Portal license on your MDS server, then you do not need a separate license on your dedicated Management Portal server.

This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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