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New log consolidation session fails with error "Failed to get default parameters from server/database" Technical Level
  • The status of log consolidation indicates logs are not being processed.

  • Consolidation status "Trying to reconnect" in the SmartReporter / Eventia Reporter GUI - 'Management' view - 'Consolidation' pane - 'Sessions' tab - 'Consolidation sessions' window.

  • After removing the current consolidation session, attempting to create a new log consolidation session eventually fails with error:
    "Failed to get default parameters from server/database".

Possible causes (causes are ordered based on the difficulty of their troubleshooting):

  1. The "Reporting Module" (rt_database) table does not exist in the SmartReporter / Eventia Reporter Server database.

  2. SmartReporter / Eventia Reporter Server does not find the object data it needs to successfully create a consolidation session, or has problems with information compiled by the database-installation process

  3. Communication issues between the SmartReporter / Eventia Reporter Server and Log Server due to a FireWall in the middle.

  4. One of consolidation configuration files on SmartReporter / Eventia Reporter Server became corrupted.

  5. Communication issues between the Security Management Server and SmartReporter / Eventia Reporter Server due to 'lea_server auth_port 18184'.

  6. Log Consolidator fails to connect to the database backend. One reason for this is caused by the value of "lea_is_auth_port" being set to "false" in the following files:
    • $RTDIR/log_consolidator_engine/conf/lc_rt.conf
    • $RTDIR/log_consolidator_engine/conf/lc_rt_default.conf
    • $RTDIR/log_consolidator_engine/conf/<IP_Address_of_Log_Server>/lc_rt.conf

  7. Incorrect values in the 'my.cnf' / 'my.ini' file left over from previous version after an upgrade of SmartReporter / Eventia Reporter Server.

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