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What is VPN Wire Mode? Technical Level

Wire Mode is a VPN-1 NGX feature that enables VPN connections to successfully fail over, bypassing Security Gateway enforcement. This improves performance and reduces downtime. Based on a trusted source and destination, Wire Mode uses internal interfaces and VPN Communities to maintain a private and secure VPN session, without employing Stateful Inspection. Since Stateful Inspection no longer takes place, dynamic-routing protocols that do not survive state verification in non-Wire Mode configurations can now be deployed. The VPN connection is no different from any other connections along a dedicated wire, thus the meaning of "Wire Mode".

Wire Mode highlights include the following:

  • Improves performance

  • Reduces downtime

  • Supports dynamic-routing protocols

  • Maintains a private and secure VPN session, without employing Stateful Inspection


For additional Wire Mode information, see: "Wire Mode" section in the VPN R77 Versions Administration Guide.

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Applies To:
  • MEP

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