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Configuring NTP on SecurePlatform OS Technical Level

NTP is a protocol designed to synchronize the clocks of computers over a network.

To configure NTP on SecurePlatform OS, proceed as follows:

Important Note: Configuring SecurePlatform OS as NTP Server is not supported. SecurePlatform OS should be configured as NTP Client only (refer to sk32027).

  1. Login to the SecurePlatform CLI (Command Line Interface).

  2. Login to 'Expert' mode.

  3. Run sysconfig command.

  4. Choose 4) Time and Date.
    Make sure to set your time zone correctly.

  5. Exit from sysconfig menu.

  6. Configure the NTP Server with which this machine should synchronize:

    [Expert@HostName]# ntp -n <interval> <IP_Address_of_NTP_Server_1> [<IP_Address_of_NTP_Server_2> <IP_Address_of_NTP_Server_3>]
    [Expert@HostName]# ntp MD5_secret <interval> <IP_Address_of_NTP_Server_1> [<IP_Address_of_NTP_Server_2> <IP_Address_of_NTP_Server_3>]

  7. Note: Reboot is not required.


  • Either use the -n flag to specify that you are not using an MD5 secret, or type the MD5 secret.

  • <interval> is the time between NTP updates measured in seconds (for example, a polling interval of 5 minutes should be specified as 300 seconds).

  • The NTP daemon included on SecurePlatform OS is a Client-side only process and cannot be used as an NTP Time Server (sk32027).



Additional information:

  • Configuration file: /etc/sysconfig/ntp

  • Command executed in background: /usr/sbin/ntpdate -s -f MD5_Secret Server1_IP Server2_IP Server3_IP

    Note: this command is added as a Task called 'NtpPoll' under CPD daemon - run 'cpd_sched_config print' command

  • Controlling shell scripts: /usr/sbin/ntp (main script, which calls the other 2 scripts) , /usr/sbin/ntpstart , /usr/sbin/ntpstop



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For more information regarding configuration of NTP, refer to the documentation provided at

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