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Security Servers - daemon names and definitions Technical Level

Security Servers and processes are grouped by function:

Daemon Description
Content and traffic management
in.aftpd FTP Security Server.
in.ahttpd HTTP Security Server.
in.arlogind RLogin Security Server.
in.atelnetd Telnet Security Server.
in.asmtpd SMTP Security Server (used to receive SMTP messages).
mdq Mail DeQueuer daemon (delivers mail messages queued by in.asmtpd).
in.emaild.mta E-Mail Security Server (Anti-Virus scanning of e-mails).
in.emaild.pop3 POP3 Security Server (Anti-Virus scanning of incoming e-mails).
in.emaild.smtp SMTP Security Server (Anti-Virus scanning of outgoing e-mails).
in.aufpd URL Filtering Protocol (UFP) daemon (communicates with UFP server).
in.ufclnt URL Filtering Protocol Client (starting in R71, part of URL Filtering engine in kernel).
in.ufsrvr URL Filtering Protocol Server (starting in R71, part of URL Filtering engine in kernel).
stormd SmartDefense / IPS Storm Center Module.
in.genericd The TCP 'genericd' resource invokes a daemon, which is not a Security Server, but rather the mediator between the client, the CVP Server and the destination server.
Authentication and load balancing
in.asessiond Session Authentication Security Server Agent.
in.aclientd Client Authentication process (port 259).
in.ahclientd Client Authentication via Web (port 900). Executable starts when user initiates Client Authentication through a web browser.
in.lhttpd Load Balancing daemon is the user mode process that handles HTTP requests, when the load balancing method is set to HTTP - listens for and redirects HTTP requests coming for load balancing.
in.pingd Load balancing or/and Client Authentication in Wait mode.
vpnd Session Authentication Security Server Agent.
sdsd Software Distribution Server. Distributes software to SecureClient users.
dtpsd Desktop Policy Server. SecureClient users fetch policy from this Policy Server.
dtlsd Desktop Log Server. Receives logs from SecureClient users.
in.ahttpsd Clientless VPN daemon
xrmd Extranet Manager Process. If Security Gateway is defined as Extranet Enabled Gateway, public key can be shared with this process.


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