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How to create / join a User Center account Technical Level

The Check Point User Center offers single sign-on management for all your Check Point needs:

  • Manage Accounts & Products
  • Get Support Offers
  • License Products
  • Open & manage your Service Requests
  • Access Downloads and product documentation
  • Search Technical Knowledge Center


To Create a New User Center account

  1. Log into the User Center at

  2. At the top, go to the "ASSETS/INFO" menu - in the left "My Accounts" section, click on the "My Accounts":

  3. Click on the "Create Account" button:

  4. Complete all required fields (marked with an asterisk).

  5. Click on the "Submit" button.
    Once your new Account has been created, you can locate your Account ID by clicking "Back to Accounts".
    Your Account ID will be located under the section titled "Empty Accounts" until products are added.

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To Join an existing User Center account

To be added to a company's current User Center account, be prepared with the Administrator's e-mail address and the Company Name. (The Company Name is character specific.).

Only the company's User Center account administrator can add a user to the account.

  1. If you are not a current user, then go to the User Center home page.

  2. Log in.

  3. Click on the "Join Account" button:

  4. Complete all required fields (marked with an asterisk) and click on the "Submit" button:

Notification will be sent via e-mail when the account's Administrator adds the user to the account.

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For further assistance, contact Check Point Account Services:

  • by using Live Chat
  • by completing an Online Form
  • by phone: Americas: +1-972-444-6600 option 5, or International: +972-3-611-5100 option 5


To create a Service Request:

  1. At the top, go to the "SUPPORT / SERVICES" menu.

  2. In the left "SUPPORT CENTER" section, click on the "Create a Service Request":

Applies To:
  • This solution replaces sk22568, sk66363.

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