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What is the maximum memory supported by SecurePlatform? Technical Level

The maximum memory supported by SecurePlatform OS is listed below:

Important: This article discusses the maximum memory supported by the SecurePlatform OS. In general, the Provider-1/Multi-Domain Server and Eventia/SmartReporter/SmartEvent products should be able to utilize extended memory above 4 GB. However, since actual utilization of extended memory above 4 GB (per specific application) depends on configuration, user should always consult with Check Point representative.

SecurePlatform NGX R60 and above:

In SecurePlatform based on Linux 32-bit kernel (SecurePlatform OS is released only on Linux 32-bit kernel):

  • On AMD CPU, SecurePlatform supports up to 4 GB of RAM.

  • On Intel CPU, SecurePlatform supports up to 16 GB of RAM.


  • Maximum memory for Concurrent Connections: Memory allocated into the Kernel space, only used for state connections. On 32-bit kernel, the limit is 2 GB. On 64-bit kernel, there is no limit (Note: SecurePlatform OS is released only on Linux 32-bit kernel).

  • Maximum memory support on SecurePlatform: Memory allocated into the User space.
  • Maximum memory supported on SecurePlatform on Smart-1 appliances: SecurePlatform will support up to 32 GB of RAM for Management Server.


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