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The generated installation script is unusable for macOS 13.x (Ventura) deployments Technical Level
  • Executing shows this error on macOS 13.x (Ventura):
    + base64 --decode .config_dat_encodedbase64: invalid argument .config_dat_encodedUsage: base64 [-hDd] [-b num] [-i in_file] [-o out_file] -h, --help display this message -Dd, --decode decodes input -b, --break break encoded string into num character lines -i, --input input file (default: "-" for stdin) -o, --output output file (default: "-" for stdout)

These lines in do not work:

echo $CONFIG_DAT_B64 > .config_dat_encoded
base64 --decode .config_dat_encoded > .config_dat

echo $MANIFEST_B64 > .manifest_encoded
base64 --decode .manifest_encoded > .InstallationManifest.plist

To fix to run on all macOS versions:

Change the lines in the Root Cause to these lines:
echo $CONFIG_DAT_B64 | base64 --decode -o .config_dat
echo $MANIFEST_B64 | base64 --decode -o .InstallationManifest.plist

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