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Enterprise Endpoint Security E87.20 macOS Clients Technical Level
  • New Features and Enhancements
  • Resolved Issues
  • Endpoint Security Client Downloads
  • Standalone Client Downloads
  • Native Encryption Management Hotfix Downloads
  • Management Console Downloads
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  • Known Limitations
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List of New Features and Enhancements in E87.20 for macOS

ID Description
User Interface
EPS-48573 NEW: Added the "Enable the user to postpone the client installation and upgrade" option.
To enable it, navigate to Client Settings > Installation & Upgrade > Default Installations and Upgrades.
EPS-49978 Enhancement: Added File Action push operations which allow to copy, move folders on endpoint computers. Refer to Harmony Endpoint Administration Guide > Performing Push Operations.
EPS-47679 Enhancement: When proxy settings are configured on macOS, proxy connection is used by default. When proxy connection is not available, it will be now bypassed by agent to connect directly.
EPS-45007 Enhancement: Added support for the "VPN Site" push operation.

List of Resolved Issues in E87.20 for macOS

Issue ID Description
AHTP-26873 Anti-Bot Status report in SmartEndpoint console and the Top Bot report show Protection Name as empty.
AHTP-27314 Websites are not scanned properly by Anti-Bot blade on macOS 13.1 and above.
EPS-50426 After an upgrade, the Endpoint UI does not display “ON” for the Firewall and Application Control Blade.
EPS-49978 The FileVault Management blade cannot be uninstalled by policy using Software deployment.

Endpoint Security Client Downloads

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Endpoint Security E87.20 Clients for macOS

Package Link
 Check Point Endpoint Security Client for macOS  (ZIP)
 Check Point Endpoint Security Client for macOS (without Capsule Docs and Advanced Threat Prevention blades) (ZIP)

Standalone Client Downloads

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Note: These Standalone clients do not require Endpoint Security Server installation as part of their deployment.

E87.20 Standalone Clients for macOS

Package Link
 Remote Access VPN Clients for macOS - Disc Image (DMG) (DMG)
 Remote Access VPN Clients for macOS - Automatic Upgrade package (PKG) (PKG)
 Remote Access VPN Clients for macOS - Signature for Automatic Upgrade (signature)

Capsule Docs E86.20 Clients

Package Link
 Capsule Docs Mac Editor (PKG)

Native Encryption Management Hotfix Downloads

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If you want to use the Native Encryption Management, download the relevant hotfix.

Note - To download some of the packages you will need to have a Software Subscription or Active Support plan.

The packages provided below are Legacy CLI packages (not CPUSE packages). 

Endpoint Security Server Package Link
R77.30.03  R77.30.03 Server Hotfix for Native Encryption Management  (TGZ)
R77.20 EP6.2  R77.20 EP6.2 Server Hotfix for Native Encryption Management  (TGZ)
Important: The Native Encryption Management Hotfix is integrated into R80.20

Management Console Downloads

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Management Console for Endpoint Security Server

The SmartConsole for Endpoint Security Server allows the Administrator to connect to the Endpoint Security Server and to manage the Endpoint Security Software Blades.

Endpoint Security Server Package Link
R81.10  SmartConsole for Endpoint Security Server R81.10 sk175188
R81  SmartConsole for Endpoint Security Server R81 sk170116
R80.40  SmartConsole for Endpoint Security Server R80.40 sk165473
R80.30  SmartConsole for Endpoint Security Server R80.30 sk153153
R80.20  SmartConsole for Endpoint Security Server R80.20 sk137593
R77.30.03  SmartConsole for Endpoint Security Server R77.30.03 / E80.89 (EXE)
R77.20 EP6.2  SmartConsole for Endpoint Security Server R77.20 EP6.2 / E80.89 (EXE)

Utilities/Services Downloads

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Package Link
 E87.20 Media Encryption Offline Access Tool (DMG)

Known Limitations

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Issue ID Description
EPS-47235 Creating Exclusions using right-click in Web Management for incidents/logs from Browser Extension is not supported.
EPS-47702 Endpoint Security requests Full Disk Access after upgrade to macOS Ventura13.0.0. Refer to sk180209.
Some DNS queries fail after waking up from sleep mode on macOS BigSur with Remote Access VPN clients. See sk176383.
EPS-50676 MDM installation script, generated by Endpoint Tiny Agent, fails when running it on macOS 13 Ventura. Refer to sk180687.

Documentation & Related SecureKnowledge Articles

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