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E86.40-E86.70 clients fail to send files to emulation on TE appliance running engine 59.990001349 or lower Technical Level
  • Endpoint clients that run E86.40-E86.70 fail to send files to Emulation on Threat Emulation (TE) Appliance that run engine 59.990001349 or earlier.

    To verify the engine version on your appliance, run:
    [Expert@HostName:0]#  tecli advanced engine version
  • The TElog.log on Endpoint Security Client shows:
    Upload response: { "response": [ { "status": { "code":1008, "label":"BAD_REQUEST", "message":"Invalid Multipart/form request" } } ] }

Due to a change in the API starting E86.40, files sent from Endpoint Security Client to local emulation are not inspected by the Threat Emulation (TE) appliance.

Note -
The issue does not affect emulation performed through:
  • Harmony Browse
  • ThreatCloud Emulation

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