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Skyline Troubleshooting and FAQ Technical Level


This is a troubleshooting and FAQ guide for the Skyline solution, which quickly and efficiently monitors your Check Point servers. For more details about Skyline, see sk178566.

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Common Issues

  • The Grafana dashboard shows duplicate data.
    This issue occurs when you change certain data (for example, the policy name after a policy installation). After five minutes, the duplication should disappear.
  • There is no data on the Grafana Dashboard.

    Use the Prometheus graph tool to see the metrics received from the machine. Usually, the tool sits on port 9090, by default, or on the port configured for Prometheus.

    Click on Graph to see all the records over time. A common example of a testing metric is "hardware.model". 

    If the data exists, then make sure you configured the Grafana correctly. Refer to the documentation here.

    If the data is not there, examine the OpenTelemetry collector logs:

    • Ignore lines with the “Error” prefix that have a date before the current run.
    • If there is a syntax error or a severe issue, the log should start with the prefix “Error:". 

    If you do not see a log with the "Error:" prefix, examine the CPView exporter logs.

    • Similarly to the Open Telemetry collector, you are not required to make any changes on /opt/CPviewExporter/config.yml.
    • Make sure to revert the changes and set is as supplied with the jumbo. If there is a severe error, the line starts with the prefix “Error:"

    If there is no issue on the CPView exporter or the OpenTelemetry collector, run this command:
    cpview -m

    If there is no response or an invalid response (usually, an empty response), then contact Check Point Support.

    You can use the "cpwd_admin list" command to monitor the CPviewExporter (to see if it is active):

    cpwd_admin list
    APP        PID    STAT  #START  START_TIME             MON  COMMAND
    FWK_FORKER 9996   E     1       [18:23:37] 27/10/2022  N    fwk_forker
    FWK_WD     10005  E     1       [18:23:37] 27/10/2022  N    fwk_wd -i 14 -i6 0
    CPVIEWD    10263  E     1       [18:23:49] 27/10/2022  N    cpviewd
    CPVIEWS    10268  E     1       [18:23:49] 27/10/2022  N    cpview_services
    CVIEWAPIS  18917  E     1       [10:33:13] 28/10/2022  N    cpview_api_service
    SXL_STATD  10279  E     1       [18:23:50] 27/10/2022  N    sxl_statd
    CPD        10291  E     1       [18:23:51] 27/10/2022  Y    cpd
    MPDAEMON   10319  E     1       [18:23:51] 27/10/2022  N    mpdaemon /opt/CPshrd-R81.10/log/mpdaemon.elg /opt/CPshrd-R81.10/conf/mpdaemon.conf
    TP_CONF_SERVICE 6083   E     1       [18:27:02] 27/10/2022  N    tp_conf_service --conf=tp_conf.json --log=error
    CI_CLEANUP 10424  E     1       [18:23:54] 27/10/2022  N    avi_del_tmp_files
    CIHS       10431  E     1       [18:23:54] 27/10/2022  N    ci_http_server -j -f /opt/CPsuite-R81.10/fw1/conf/cihs.conf
    FWD        10456  E     1       [18:23:54] 27/10/2022  N    fwd
    SPIKE_DETECTIVE 10461  E     1       [18:23:54] 27/10/2022  N    spike_detective
    MDPSD      10463  E     1       [18:23:54] 27/10/2022  N    mdpsd
    LPD        10966  E     1       [18:24:00] 27/10/2022  N    lpd
    DASERVICE  14903  E     1       [18:24:17] 27/10/2022  N    DAService_script
    AUTOUPDATER 14916  E     1       [18:24:17] 27/10/2022  N
    OTLPAGENT  31399  E     1       [19:19:05] 27/10/2022  N    cpview_exporter
  • There are "Out of bounds" errors on the OpenTelemetry collector log.
    The clock on the reporting and server machines must be synchronized and correct.
    To solve the issue::
    1. Set the correct time on the clock on the Prometheus server and the Security Gateway.
    2. Reset the Database on the Prometheus server.
    3. Stop and start the Operational Technology (OT) components on the Quantum machine.
    4. Stop and start the Prometheus server.
  • Skyline does not work on Management Data Plane Separation (MDPS).
    Skyline redirects the traffic automatically to the Management interface.
    To make sure traffic passes to the external IP, run this command:
    add mdps task address

    If there are issues in configuring Skyline from the GAIA REST API or /opt/CPotelcol/, skip the REST API and make sure that you are running /opt/CPotelcol/ from the data plane.

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