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Video and Content Sharing in Zoom do not work because the Security Gateway drops inbound SIP traffic on a cleanup rule Technical Level
  • When a VoIP phone joins a Zoom meeting, audio works, but video and content sharing do not.

  • Kernel debug on the Security Gateway shows that after the TCP handshake is completed, the Security Gateway drops the H264 traffic on the cleanup rule because and the Security Gateway does not recognise this traffic as a part of the connection.


This configuration is not supported:

  1. NAT rules for SIP traffic are configured
  2. The "Strict SIP Protocol Flow Enforcement" protection is configured to "Drop" (SmartConsole > "Security Policies" view > "Shared Policies" section > "Inspection Settings")
  3. VoIP SIP MultiCore feature is enabled (default in R80.40 and higher)

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