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Quantum Spark Appliances R81.10.X Releases Technical Level

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Introduction to R81.10.X Quantum Spark Appliances

With the release of our new Quantum Spark R81.10.X version, Check Point introduces code alignment between our Quantum Spark product line with the Quantum R81.10 Security Gateway release. This major Quantum Spark release adds many new capabilities, as well as a wide range of stability and performance improvements.

Quantum Spark R81.10.X releases are supported only on the new 1500/1600/1800 Series Security Gateways.

Both Locally Managed (Local + SMP) and Centrally Managed are supported.

For more information about Quantum Spark Appliances, refer to:

  • sk157412 - 1500 Series Security Gateways
  • sk168880 - 1600/1800 Series Security Gateways

Check Point is committed to providing the best and most up-to-date security for all deployments including small businesses, medium businesses, and branch offices.

  R81.10 Code Alignment   More

  • Embedded Gaia software inherits its code base from the Latest R81.10 version of enterprise appliances. Therefore, although not specifically mentioned, the R81.10.X Quantum Spark Gateways inherit all maintrain limitations (see sk170418).
  • As the majority of R&D efforts now focus on R81.10 code base, we encourage our customers to start evaluating and migrating to the new code base. 

Important: To centrally manage the appliances, you must be running R81.10 with Take 66 and higher, or R81.20.

Information per Release

(Refer to sk97766 for information regarding R77.20 releases.)
(Refer to sk165734 for information regarding R80.20 releases.)
(Refer to sk178604 for all R81.10.X Known Limitations.)
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Release Date 25 January 2023
Release Home page sk179797
Platform 1500 / 1600 / 1800
Release Highlights
  • Dynamic Routing configuration from WebUI, OSPF, BGP, and Route Redistribution for single Gateway and Cluster
  • IPv6 support 
  • Smart Accel
  • Auto SSL certificate update 
  • SSL inspection per device type 
  • IDA Collector (Locally Managed)
  • SSH inspection
  • Doctor Spark and Load
  • SMP Notifications
Management Server version
  • R81.10 and higher


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Release Date 30 June 2022
Release Home page sk179004
Platform 1500 / 1600 / 1800
Release Highlights
  • Improve and simplify SSL inspection operation
  • Smart Accel – (EA level)
  • Password Complexity
  • Updatable objects and FQDN in the Rule Base
  • VoIP improvements
  • VPN Monitoring
  • Support Radius 2.0 server
  • Inspect FTP protocol by Anti-Virus Software Blade
  • ZScaler (VPN 3rd party) support
  • Mirror port
  • TCPDump via WebUI
Management Server version
  • R81.10 and higher

Revision History

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25 January 2023 First release of this document

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