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API Error - Empty VPN Settings Technical Level
  • The show-package API command fails with generic server error:
    "generic_server_error" "Management server failed to execute command".

  • The $FWDIR/log/api.elg file shows:

    [Date, Time],340 INFO [qtp693241123-892536] - The following object 77a29b89-34f8-4d82-86ff-34fcf5edc914 has empty VPN settings

    [Date, Time],340 ERROR [qtp693241123-892536] - [ERROR] Incident [a91b0272-5469-436e-9216-66f99aeadd7e]: VPN Settings cannot be empty - objid: 77a29b89-34f8-4d82-86ff-34fcf5edc914

    [Date, Time],341 ERROR [qtp693241123-892536] - Error code: [GENERIC_INTERNAL_ERROR]

The object that causes the error was imported and was incorrectly created. This can happen when a network object is created as a gateway object by a script or error during a migration or upgrade.

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