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Harmony Mobile Battery Consumption Analysis Technical Level
  • Harmony Mobile Battery Consumption Analysis:
    How to analyze Harmony Mobile battery consumption when high usage is suspected.

General important information about mobile devices battery:

  1. With usage time and conditions, battery capacity can decrease.  On an iPhone, you can see this in Battery Health.  On devices with decreased battery capacity, Relative and Absolute consumption can be slightly higher than on a full capacity battery.
  2. VPN
    When VPN is enabled, there is additional consumption of battery at the cost of security, even if it is local VPN (For example, Harmony Mobile's On-device Network Protection (ONP)).
  3. Battery Optimizer
    On an Android device, Android Battery Optimizers may lead to higher consumption by Harmony Mobile.
    It is recommended to add Harmony Mobile to an optimizer exclusion list to reduce battery consumption.

To analyze Harmony Mobile's battery usage, there are two ways to calculate whether the battery consumption by Harmony Mobile is high or nominal:
  1. Absolute Battery Consumption
    Absolute battery consumption measures the actual consumption of apps within a set amount of time.  This is the most accurate way to calculate the battery usage. The absolute battery consumption is calculated using the formula:
    (Last charge level – Current charge level) * app relative usage %

    Example 1:
    In the below screenshot, Harmony Mobile/Protect consumed 16% of the battery over the last 24 hours.
    The last charge level is 100%.
    The current battery level is 75%.

    Applying these values to the above formula:
    Absolute Battery Consumption = (100-75) * 0.16 = 4

    This means that the Harmony Mobile app has used only 4% of the battery during the last 24 hours, which is nominal.

    Example 2:
    In this example, Absolute Battery Consumption = (100-60) * 0.24 = 9.6
    Harmony Mobile App has used 9.6% of the battery over the last 24 hours.

    Example 3:
    In this example, we consider the battery consumption over the last 10 days period.
    To calculate the battery consumption in a day, tap on the battery usage for a specific day.
    Each bar shows the actual battery usage on that day.
    In this example, the battery usage on Sunday is 20%.

    Absolute Battery Consumption = 20 * 0.30 = 6
    The Harmony Mobile app has consumed 6% of the battery on Sunday and the total battery usage on that day is 20%.

  2. Relative Battery Consumption
    **Relative Battery Consumption relies heavily on phone usage**

    There are two scenarios:
    1. Lightly used device - For example, a device is not used regularly and lost 35% of battery charge in 24 hours, as shown below. A high percentage is displayed for Harmony Mobile Protect because the Harmony Mobile app runs in the background to ensure continuous protection.
      In iOS, the sum of battery usage by apps should be equal to 100% which also caused our app to have high percentage.
      However, even with the high percentage, the battery level drop is only less than 40% over 24 hours.

    2. Heavily used device - If a device has high battery consumption due to regular use, Harmony Mobile will have a lower battery consumption percentage, as the background activity in relation to the actual usage is less.

Important Notes:

*To measure battery consumption accurately, use the Absolute Battery Consumption method as it is more reliable than relative battery consumption.

**If the Absolute Battery Consumption value is less than 15, the Harmony Mobile's battery usage is normal. If the value is higher than 15, contact Check Point Support.

This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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