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IPS update fails on the Security Management server Technical Level
  • IPS update on the Security Management server fails, but it updates successfuly on the managed gateways (with the setting of "The gateway automatically updates the IPS protections").

  • Verify that the Security Management Server has HTTP/HTTPS access to Check Point update servers, using curl:
    # curl_cli -v -1 --cacert $CPDIR/conf/ca-bundle.crt
    # curl_cli -v -1 --cacert $CPDIR/conf/ca-bundle.crt
    # curl_cli -v

  • Similar logs can be identified in cpm.elg:
    [DATE TIME] ERROR management.threat.IpsUpdateManager [taskExecutor-69]: SDUU Failed. exit code = 5 [DATE TIME} INFO management.threat.IpsUpdateManager [taskExecutor-69]: updateAllTaskNotifications:: Acquired lock java.lang.Object@663d8bc8

  • Similiar logs can be identified in fwm.elg:
    FwmSduu_CompleteCb: SDUU process returned with error code: 5
    FwmSduu_CatchUnifiedThreadComplete: Ending IPS update process
    FwmSduu_CatchUnifiedThreadComplete: Update completed with errors

  • The df -kh command shows that available disk space for the root partition("/") is less than 3GB.


The root partition is running low on disk space and needs more space.

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