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Check Point Response to CVE-2022-24422: Dell iDRAC9 Security Update for an Improper Authentication Vulnerability Technical Level
  • Dell published CVE-2022-24422 for iDRAC9 versions and higher but lower than These versions contain an improper authentication vulnerability. A remote unauthenticated attacker may potentially exploit this vulnerability to gain access to the VNC Console.
    For more information, refer to CVE-2022-24422.

Important Note: If you have not enabled iDRAC (as described in sk122914), your Smart-1 appliance is not affected.

If you have enabled iDRAC, upgrade to the final version for your Smart-1 appliance model. For instructions, refer to sk122914 - Enabling LOM (iDRAC) Management for Smart-1 525/5050/5150/625/6000-L/6000-XL/600-M Appliances (section: iDRAC Firmware Upgrade Path).

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