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Scalable Platform reverts to factory image after running the First Time Configuration Wizard Technical Level
  • After the user successfully upgrades a Chassis deployment and completes the First Time Configuration Wizard, the appliance reboots but reverts to the previous image.

  • /var/log/messages show "Reaped: cmd" during the First Time Configuration Wizard:
    [Expert@HOSTNAME:0]# grep -i reaped /var/log/messages
    Jan 29 09:48:33 2022 HOSTNAME pm[19102]: Reaped: cmd[19197]
    Jan 29 09:48:34 2022 HOSTNAME pm[19102]: Reaped: cmd[19987]
    Jan 29 09:48:36 2022 HOSTNAME pm[19102]: Reaped: cmd[20435]

The Chassis Monitor Daemon (CMD) did not successfully communicate with the Chassis Management Modules (CMMs).

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