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Connecting an On-Premises Management Server to Infinity Portal - Release Updates Technical Level

Provide consolidation and advanced integration between the on-premises environments and the Infinity Portal applications.

Remote API Access
  • Allow the user and the Infinity Portal applications to run APIs on on-premises management servers.
  • Allow the on-premises management servers to run APIs on the Infinity Portal applications.
Configuration Sharing

Upload objects and policies of the management servers and share them with the Infinity Portal, in order to: 
  • Let the Infinity Portal services use network security management objects and polices to provide a cross-services solution to Check Point customers:  
    Allow Infinity portal applications like SD-WAN, Posture Management, IoT, Harmony Connect and so on, to offer a consolidated solution to network security management Customers.

  • Enable object and policy sharing between different security management servers through the Infinity Portal.
Manual Installation (Offline)
  1. Download and install the below available packages.

  2. Run this command:
    # autoupdatercli install <full path to the .tar file> 
    Note - The installation does not require cpstop; cpstart or a reboot. After it is installed, the update is applied immediately, and no further action is required.


Remote API Access

Take # Release Date Download package
Take 38 6 Oct 2022 (TAR)


Configuration Sharing

Take # Release Date Download package
Take 124 4 August 2022 (TAR)


List of Resolved Issues and New Features per Remote API Access Update

ID Description
Update 3 - Take 38 (6 October 2022)
CPM-4329 Added support for Quantum Management Servers in cloud environments.
Update 2 - Take 32 (1 May 2022)
PMTR-80011 Remote API sessions now indicate that they are connected from Infinity Portal.
Update 1 -Take 24 (30 Jan 2022)
PMTR-79360  Remote API Access from Infinity Portal to Quantum Management Server is now allowed.


List of Resolved Issues and New Features per Configuration Sharing Update

ID Description
Update 5 - Take 124 (11 October 2022)
PMTR-88059 Stability fixes.
Update 4 - Take 116 (4 August 2022)
PMTR-83905 Stability fixes.
Update 3 - Take 102 (5 July 2022)
PMTR-84485 Stability fixes.

Update 2 - Take 88 (21 June 2022)
PMTR-84908  Enhanced stability.
Update 1 -Take 57 (30 Jan 2022)
PMTR-79355 Configuration Sharing from Quantum Management Server to Infinity Portal is now allowed.


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