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Software Blade Update failed from non-SMO when configured in bridge mode Technical Level
  • Software blade updates fail from non-SMO when the Security Gateway is configured in bridge mode.

    Anti-Bot/Anti-Virus blade update fail with error "Update failed. Contract entitlement check failed. Gateway cannot access internet (''). Check connectivity and proxy settings."

  • When testing with curl ("curl_cli -v -cacert $CPDIR/conf/ca-bundle.crt"), there is no connectivity issue

In client to server traffic, a correction layer is performed, connection is recorded and offloaded to SecureXL. 

In the return traffic, from the server to the client, no correction is done on the traffic and the traffic is accelerated. 

This can cause the traffic to be routed to the wrong Security Gateway Module (SGM) because correction is not done on both directions.

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