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Upgrade of Security Management Server to R81.10 fails because of license errors even though the license is correct Technical Level
  • Security Management Server upgrade to R81.10 fails and automatically rolls back because it cannot import a database.

  • Upgrade logs (example path: /var/log/upgrade-export.26Jul2021-144548.tgz) show these error messages;
    Verification failed:The server does not have a valid license. For more information on how to
    update your license, contact Check Point User Center at:\n\nNotes: \n
    1. It is recommended to use the latest
    upgrade tools package. The latest package is installed automatically on online
    environments, for upgrade of offline environments refer to sk135172.\n
    2. Only latest
    revision will be upgraded. It is recommended to publish important changes before upgrade.
    Unpublished changes will be lost.\n
    3. Run the upgrade verification on all servers in your
    environment before you upgrade

  • The IP assigned to the user's license is attached to a loopback interface.


The loopback interface is cleared during the upgrade procedure. As a result, no IP in the Management Server aligns with the user's license.

Option 1
    1. Create an evaluation license. For instructions, refer to sk102029
    2. Make sure to use an IP bound to one of your physical interfaces,
    3. Try to upgrade again.
    4. Re-add your loopback interface with your license IP.
    5. Remove the license with SmartUpdate. 
Option 2
    1. Log into the User Center and change your license to align with an IP on one of your physical interfaces. 
      • You have a small number of IP changes you can make to the license.
      • If you have exceeded this number, contact Account Services for help in changing the IP to which the license is bound. 
    2. Attach the new license.
    3. Do the upgrade again. 

This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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