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"VPN Detected, You seem to be using an unblocked or proxy" error when using 'Disney+ Hotstar' application and ONP is enabled Technical Level
  • "VPN Detected, You seem to be using an unblocked or proxy. please turn off these services and try again..." error is displayed when the user try to open the 'Disney+ Hotstar' when ONP is enabled, and the application does not work.


The 'Disney+ Hotstar' application uses a video streaming service that wants to validate that users consume their service according to the geolocation constraints and regulations.

Because users can bypass geo constraints by using a VPN and pretend to be in another region, the application explicitly checks if VPN is active on the device and blocks itself if it finds VPN.

Although ONP is not a real VPN that forwards traffic but a simple Loopback-Local VPN, This app considers the VPN as active on the device and activates this protection.

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