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R8x.x Threat Prevention Policy installation errors and warnings Technical Level

This article lists the error and warning messages that are presented in SmartConsole when the Threat Prevention policy installation fails on the R8x.x Security Gateway.

If the policy installation fails with one of the errors below, follow the instruction in the message and see the additional information in the "Comments" column.


Error message Comments


"Internal problem in post-policy installation process on gateway side"

Issue happens if the Indicator file for Observable type "URL" contains "%2A" keyword in the URL path. Refer to sk171316


"ERROR: Duplicate keys <00000000, 00000001> in table 'ips_overrides'" 

Issue happens after upgrading from R80 to R80.10, unable to install policy to R80.10 Security Gateway with IPS blade enabled. Refer to sk137992


"No profile defined on GW gen_amw_rulebase_tables: gen_gw_profiles_set failedamw_load: gen_amw_rulebase_tables failedtp_load: amw_load() failedtp_load_main: Failed to load Threat Prevention policymain: Errors while loading Threat Prevention policyOperation was unsuccessful"

Management database corruption. Refer to sk165935


"/opt/CPmds-R80.20/customers/CMA-name/CPsuite-R80.20/fw1/conf/install_manager_tmp/ANTIMALWARE/conf/",line 10082: ERROR: Duplicate keys in table 'ips_overrides'"

One or many IPS protections were set to override. Refer to sk164842


"Internal error"

Dynamic ID is configured for the Security Management Server and Mail. The inspect pre-process removes all text after "//" and treats its like a comment (only if "//" is not in the first line). Refer to sk120358


 "Internal error occurred during the verification process. Policy verification failed."

Database was corrupted during upgrade. Refer to  sk139672 sk135652


"Compilation failed. Operation was unsuccessful."

The internal total path to Security Management Server / Domain Management Server and policy package exceeded the available buffer. Refer to sk105783


"Internal problem in policy installation process on gateway side"

Output of fw amw fetchlocal -d /opt/CPsuite-R77/fw1/state/__tmp/AMW/ debug shows: "Installing Threat Prevention policy from local malware_policy_ioc_get_new_ldb: Indicator_Parser() failed". Refer to sk117414


"Operation failed, install/uninstall has been improperly terminated"

Policy fails to install on a large number of firewalls due to memory reallocation failure. Refer to sk170242


"Policy installation failed on gateway. If the problem persists contact Check Point support (Error code: 0-2000117)."

 local.set corrupted. Refer to sk162554


 "Failed to read local.magic" or "Failed to read local.magic failed."

local.magic is missing in $FWDIR/state/local. Refer to sk171723


"Policy installation failed due to components incompatibility."

Autonomous Threat Prevention packages are not aligned, so policy configurations cannot be applied. Refer to sk167109


Policy installation failed on the gateway. If the problem persists, contact Check Point support (Info: GOT_TPCONF gateway package is not installed. For more information see sk174262. , <257917b4-f9fd-4c8e-8e30-afff795128b5>)

Validate GOT_TPCONF gateway package installation. Refer to sk169952 


Warning message Comments
1 "Autonomous Threat Prevention works in "compatibility" mode" Autonomous Threat Prevention packages are not aligned, so policy configurations may be missing. Refer to sk167109
This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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