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FWD restart VPND Technical Level
  • VPN tunnel down, and also negotiation failed due to VPND process is restarted.
  • In $CPDIR/log/cpwd.elg, it shows the following entries: [cpWatchDog 30254 4146263776]@CPFW2[13 May 6:36:43] [ERROR] vpnd (pid=14346) did not send keep-alive message for 7 number of times [cpWatchDog 30254 4146263776]@CPFW2[13 May 6:36:43] [SUCCESS] Killed process vpnd with pid 14346
  • Tried the following, but they did not help: 1. Increase FWASYNC_MAXBUF size: $CPDIR/tmp/ Add this line: FWASYNC_MAXBUF=40000000 ; export FWASYNC_MAXBUF Under this line: INFODIR=/opt/CPinfo-10 ; export INFODIR 2. Increase SIC_SERVER_TIMEOUT to 120 seconds: cpprod_util CPPROD_SetValue SIC SIC_SERVER_TIMEOUT 1 120 1
Internal communication time out between parent and child process.
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