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How to Suspend On Device Network Protection (ONP) in Harmony Mobile application Technical Level

To find out if ONP causes device network issues, the user may need to suspend the feature for troubleshooting.

Before users can disable the Network Protection (ONP) on their devices, the administrator must make sure the On-Device Network Protection Policy permits it.

How to allow to stop ONP in the Harmony Mobile policy

  1. Open the Harmony Mobile service in your infinity portal and navigate to the policy tab.

  2. Open the relevant policy.

  3. Click on any of the policy items.

  4. Click on Network Protection, then open the Suspend Policy section.

  5. Make sure that Allow user to suspend On-device Network Protection is on.

How to Suspend Network protection in the Harmony Mobile Protect app:

  1. Open the Harmony Protect app.

  2. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Click Suspend Network Protection.

  4. Select how long to suspend the network protection future: 5 Minutes/30 Minutes/2 Hours.

After the selected time had passed, the Network protection feature will automatically start without the user involvement.

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