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High CPU for SND cores due to MQ configuration issues on VSX environment Technical Level
  • After a reboot, the CPU 0 SND core shows high usage, while other SND cores show very low usage compared to CPU 0.

  • Some of the interfaces have only CPU 0 assigned as SND core, while other interfaces have all SND cores assigned.

  • The $FWDIR/log/mq_mng.elg file of the relevant VS shows these error messages:
    "[INFO] interfaces_list = []"
    "[ERROR] mq_mng:43:(): Error [grep: this version of PCRE is compiled without UTF support"
    "cat: /conf/vsname: No such file or directory"
    "]executing: [/etc/profile.d/; CTX=`vsget`; vsenv 0 > /dev/null; $FWDIR/scripts/fwaffinity_used_cpus -r;"{
    "./etc/profile.d/; vsenv $CTX > /dev/null;']"


Multi-Queue Management failed to enforce configuration on interfaces which are Virtual Systems outside of the global context.

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