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Remote Access Clients disconnected randomly during policy installation on their VPN Gateway, even though the policy was not changed Technical Level
  • Remote Access Clients disconnect randomly during a policy installation on their VPN Security Gateway, even though no rules were changed in the policy.

  • The kernel debug on the Security Gateway shows that it drops the traffic for the Office Mode IP address:

    sim_pkt_send_drop_notification: sending packet dropped notification drop mode: 0 debug mode: 1 send as is: 1 track_lvl: -2, conn: ...
At policy install, ALL connected Remote Access clients are authorized again, at once, even if the relevant policy has not been changed. This causes stability issues, as the authorization process is heavy (LDAP access, IOCTLS are heavy on USFW, fwset slow database access, etc... ). This causes disconnections and latency.

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