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No ARP request when an ICMP request is sent through the Security Gateway Technical Level
  • The Security Gateway does not send an ARP request when the ICMP request is sent.

  • There is no ICMP reply when pinging through the Security Gateway.

  • The ICMP reply is received only from the second or third request.

  • In FW Monitor, the ICMP request enters the Security Gateway, passing the little "i", passing the big "I," and disappearing.


The affected versions are:

  • R80.40 Jumbo Hotfix Take 94 and higher
  • R81 Jumbo Hotfix Take 23

Only Security Gateways in kernel mode are affected.

To check if a Security Gateway is in kernel mode, run the commands below in expert mode:

  1. # cpprod_util FwIsUsermode 
  2. # cpprod_util FwIsUsfwMachine 

If the output is 1, the Security Gateway is User-Space Firewall (USFW). If the output is 0, the Security Gateway is in Kernel mode.

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