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Large Multi-Domain Management policy package fails verification Technical Level
  • Large Multi-Domain Management policy package (with more than 4000 rules) fails verification with "Policy load / Verifier process ran out of memory. Follow sk161874."

    The user followed sk161874 and disabled the verification of hiding rules.

  • The verification debug shows:

    [FWM 2380 4017276864][6 May 15:46:30]Calling Web Service:
    (_ZN3ngm35FwmSvcRemoteServiceSoapBindingProxy21dumpAllTablesByPolicyEPKcS2_PNS_26fwm__dumpAllTablesByPolicyEPNS_34fwm__dumpAllTablesByPolicyResponseE+0x1a3) [0xf5574eb9]
      fwm(loadObjectsFromNgmByPolicy+0x258) [0x8128fa8]
      fwm(fwm_verify+0x5ec) [0x82dde0c]
      fwm(fwmbin_cmain+0xb18) [0x8121b28]
      fwm(main+0x60) [0x8119c90]
      /lib/ [0xf221229e]
      fwm() [0x811fe55]
    [FWM 2380 4017276864]@host[6 May 15:46:29] loadObjectsFromNgmByPolicy: Fault returned from remote server: SOAP 1.1 fault: SOAP-ENV:Server[no subcode]
    "Object not found"
     Failed to dump tables from NGM for policy POLICY_NAME.W
    [FWM 2380 4017276864][6 May 15:46:30] destroy_rand_mutex: destroy

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